Himalayan Dog Treats Cubits are rewarding treats made from a winning combination of delicious salmon or water buffalo meat and our favorite ingredient; cheese! Cubits are the perfect training treat for your dog. These savory rich morsels are small and robust providing your dog with a tasty, healthy and natural reward. An excellent treat for trainers, handlers and dog lovers alike. The best part? Cubits won’t crumble in your pocket! The combination of our traditional Himalayan cheese with salmon or water buffalo meat is a treat every dog will love.


Key Benefits:

  • Natural and easily digestible
  • Limited ingredients
  • A quick, convenient treat
  • Lactose, grain and gluten free
  • Ideal training treat, great for any age or size dog

Himalayan Dog Chew Cubits

  • Potato Starch, Cheese, Vegetable Glycerin, Water Buffalo Meat or Salmon (depending on variant), & Vinegar (a preservative)

    • Give as reward or treat
    • Supervise pets when giving them any treat
    • Best for dogs over 12 weeks old
    • Chews will last longer if kept in a cool and dry place (do not refrigerate)
    • Wash hands after handling products with dog drool
    • Remove treat if potential hazard presents itself.

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