Not sure which bar to get? Well, why not all 3 at a special bundle rate!


Our Fetch! Neem Shampoo Bar Trio contains one of each of our bestselling (and eco-friendly) bars to address whatever your pet needs. All are made with 100% Neem Acqueous Extract plus other special plant ingredients depending on its features.


Fetch! Neem Shampoo Bar Original

- Best for anti ticks & fleas and antibacterial properties. A staple in every furbaby's bath kit.


Fetch! Neem Deep Cleansing Bar

- Exfoliating bar that removes deep seated dirt and dead skin cells. Perfect for the extra adventurous pet! Contains whole neem leaves + honey to help lift stubborn dirt.


Fetch! The Sabone Calming Bar

- Best for those who want to soothe and relax their pet. Contains lavender extract that can help pets (and hoomans) chill and eventually doze off.

Fetch! Neem Shampoo Bar Trio


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