Our Neem House Cleaner & Deodorizer is a staple for any pet parents to clean up messes of their pets, kill nasty bacteria, remove bad odors, and keep bugs away. But what if we want to think bigger?


Introducing Fetch! Natural Institutional Cleaner. It has the same Neem Aquaeous Extract you know and love but in collaboration with BIONEEM to address bigger, more active areas. Aside from using this in your home, the combined antimicrobial, pesticidal and repellant powers of neem and citronella in our Institutional Cleaner can disinfect day care centers, grooming areas, kennels, horse stables, piggeries, industrial kitchens, and other large spaces. It can also control bugs in gardens and areas that are susceptible to infestation. 


Paraben Free. DEET Free. Sulfate Free. Non-Toxic.

Fetch! Natural Institutional Cleaner with Bioneem

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  • Aqua, Neem Leaf Extract, Madre de Cacao Extract, Citronella Leaf Extract, Butoxyethanol, Phenoxyethanol.

  • 1:0
    For large crawling insects: spray area for 5 consecutive days for the 1st treatment, then 2-3x a week for maintencance. 

    To sanitize and deodorize surfactes, such as tables, counters, floors, and trash bins: as needed. 
    To help control plant pests and small crawling insects like ants or ticks: 2x a week for the 1st treatment, then 1x a week for maintenance.

    To drive off insects and as a light deosorizer: as needed.

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