The Truth About Scents & Pet Products

You're in the pet store literally sniffing shampoos (come on, we all do that) and one just smells like bubblegum that you decide to get that. Or, your pet just gets stinky so quickly after baff time that you decide to buy the strongest smelling shampoo or pet cologne to fix that problem.

Hold on for a moment and put that bottle down.

Exposing your pet to strong scents can actually be harmful to your furbaby. Not only that, but covering your pet's stink with cologne won't solve the problem and may actually make them more stinky!

Here are some things you should know when it comes to scents and pets:

The Power of Your Pet's Nose

Dogs and cats have a more powerful sense of smell compared to humans. How powerful? Dogs have between 150 and 300 million olfactory cells while humans only have 5 million. Cats' noses on the other hand are 14 times stronger than humans. So, imagine how a cat or dog would feel when we douse them with such strong scents? Humans are known to get a bit dizzy or nauseous when exposed to strong odours- what more if its our furbabies that are exposed?

That's why its best to choose grooming products with a mild, light, natural scent. If you can find one with no scent- that's great too! Best to skip applying pure essential oils. Not only can they be corrosive and cause allergic reactions on skin, the smell is usually so strong due to the concentration. Also avoid exposing your pet to incense, strong scented candles, and potpourri since these can irritate and induce sneezing, coughing, or in some cases, doggie or kitty asthma.

Cause of the Stink

But what if your furbaby is so stinky? We get it, you want to get rid of it but covering it with cologne or scents isn't the solution. Stink is caused by bacteria so the best solution is to use shampoos with anti-bacterial properties such as those that use Neem Extract or Madre de Cacao.

Not working? It means there may be an underlying condition like a yeast infection or some gut problem so best contact your vet for this.

Scents That Are Ok and Not Ok

Mild scents of green tea, lavender, and coconut should be fine. If you find a product that's fragrance free, that's great too! Avoid scents like pine, cinnamon, peppers, and citrus. Cats also hate the smell of citronella.


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