Himalayan Dog Chews and Treats

Himalayan Dog Chews

This long-lasting chew was based from an ancient recipe the locals would use as a hard cheese snack. Using traditional methods, these 100% Yak milk based chews are healthy, natural, delicious- to keep your dog entertained for hours! Dogs will have to constantly chew on the treat to soften it so they can get small pieces.

When all you have left is a small nugget, just pop it in the microwave for 45 seconds. It will puff up into a crunchy treat. Let it cool and watch your dog enjoy it’s crunchy cheese snack.

The Himalayan Dog Chew has no preservatives, no binding agents, and is gluten free. Comes in various sizes.


Made of 100% Yak milk but in a crunchy, addicting form! These small, puffed up versions of the Himalayan Dog Chew is not too soft or hard for dogs but has the same, delicious cheese flavor. Best as a reward or spoiling your fur baby.

Himalayan Dog Chew

Have a picky eater at home? Your pup refuses to finish it's food? Sprinkle a bit of this and your dog will look forward to meal time. Trust us.

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