About Himalayan Dog Chews and Treats

What Cheese is to Dogs is Equivalent to What Chocolate is to Humans: Deliciously Addicting.

Which is why Himalayan Pet Supplies founders Nishes Shrestha and Suman Shrestha created yummy and safe Himalayan cheese chews, seasoning, and treats for dogs made from pure Yak milk, directly sourced from 4,000 Himalayan farmers. Himalayan cheese made out of 100% Yak milk is known to be a delicious yet healthy snack for dogs that’s gentle for their tummies. 

To create this delicious treat, the Yak milk is boiled for an hour and then poured into a hand-cranked centrifuge to remove all the fat. The now fat-free milk is used to make these dog treats while the fat is made into butter which the local community uses. When the milk has cooled, a touch of lime juice and salt is added as a coagulant, before the milk solids are separated and washed to remove the whey and any remaining hints of salt and lime juice.


With all that research, it is no wonder that these treats have won multiple awards, including Outstanding Innovative Company in Global Pets International 2018.

Here at Fetch! Naturals, we believe that we can make our pets super happy through healthy, safe, and sustainable ways. When we heard about Himalayan Pet Supplies and what they do for both the Himalayan communities and for dogs, we knew we had to bring this in for pets and pet parents to try!

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