See that pup up there? That's Khal Drogo, our Bichon Frise. He is one of 4 dogs in our family and he would get a lot of hot spots that he practically lived 1 year wearing a cone (of shame). We tried different antibiotics and medicated shampoos and, though they would work, it was still recurring. We also were not comfortable using chemical based products all the time but the natural products available in the market were not as effective. This is when we started extensively researching and consulting with experts in the field, which led us to the discovery of neem.

After working with experts,  we started using 100% Neem extract for Drogo. True enough, the hot spots never got infected, and eventually, they stopped. We also noticed that we no longer needed to add conditioner to Drogo's fur during bath time because it was so soft and tangle free. We tried Neem on our other dogs too. Not only did the fur become soft, they had fewer fleas and ticks that we no longer had to use chemical based repellants. It was also great because whenever it rains, our dogs no longer had the "wet dog" smell.

Because of our experience, we decided to create an entire natural pet care system out of pure, 100% Neem Extract. Currently, we have Neem based shampoos, a Leave-On Rinse (or pet sanitizer and deodorizer), and house cleaners- because pet care is not just what you give your pet but also the environment your fur-baby lives in. We have also invested in research, launching the very first Jicama based pet care products under our Indulge line. This line is filled with luxury plant oils to nourish, hydrate, and safely brighten fur. 


We are dedicated on giving our pet and human clients the best experience whenever they use our products. This is why we are committed on research and innovation,  focused only on finding and studying the finest natural ingredients to use in our products. Every formulation has also been carefully crafted to ensure that our products are safe for pets, humans, and the environment.

Aside from research, we continuously consult with experts to make sure we follow standards and receive proper certifications. In fact, we are one of the first pet care products with an FDA registration. 

We are currently developing more extract based products that ensure our pets and their humans only get the best. Occasionally, we carry other items such as organic pet treats and safe toys. 

Simply Pure Natural Pet Care for Your Best Friend.

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